What To Expect From Your First Yoga Class

Many people have come to me and asked what really goes does on in a yoga class? What exactly can I expect?

I believe this question comes from the fact most people are intimidated when they see these advanced poses and feel like they will never be able to do them. This is why it's important to do your research before. 

All yoga studios have a website where they list the class schedule and give a description of the classes they offer including which level the class is recommended for. Some are for all levels where they offer variation of poses and you do what works for you, and some are more advanced or specifically for beginners. 

I've stated before that I love ashtanga vinyasa flow classes not only because the class just flows but also because on days when I'm not as flexible I can choose to do a different variation of a yoga pose and feel comfortable doing so.

Another tip is to snag a free class pass. If you've never been to a yoga class and obviously don't know what to expect the last thing you'll want to do is pay and hate it. Most studios offer a free pass for new students so take advantage of this!

Classes will typically start off slow with grounding yourself and easing into the flow, adding on more and more while building your heart rate, and end with savasana or corpse pose. This is where you literally just lay on the floor letting go any and all tension within your body and allow your heart rate to come back to neutral. Definitely one of my favorite poses.

Other things to expect?


And I hope you grow to love it as much as I do.

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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