The Silver Lining

Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend because I certainly did.

Saturday morning, in particular, I woke up bright and early to go get my car serviced before heading to a family reunion.

See my A/C recently went out on my car. One minute I'm riding down the highway all nice and cool and the next my vents are blowing out hot air.

My car is only a 2011 so I figured it couldn't be that serious. I headed to the shop expecting to pay no more than a couple hundred dollars top. 

Long story short, my compressor needs to be replaced and they quoted me over $1k. Definitely don't have that just laying around to replace my A/C so I left with my head down.

I was so frustrated and annoyed because I just spent 2hrs in that shop. 

As I left my eyes started to swell with tears because I was really hoping to get my A/C repaired that morning.

I decided to go straight to Starbucks to cheer myself up with a Pumpkin Spice Latte (haha) and as I was in line I looked up at the clouds and saw that silver lining everyone talks about. That little outline around the clouds where the sun is trying to peak through that lets you know all will be ok.

I then thought about the fact that summer is coming to an end so I don't have to be in such a rush to get it repaired TODAY. Also in those "wasted" 2hrs at the shop, I had worked on writing articles for a site I'm a staff writer for so that time allowed me to be disciplined and productive. In addition to that, I let them go ahead and change my oil thus saving me a few bucks than if I would've went to Nissan like I usually do.  

The more I looked at the positives the less crappy I felt. I know my situation may seem a bit trivial to some but man did I feel that it hit me hard. I just moved to Alexandria and am paying more in rent, so another expense was the last thing I needed.

This situation has definitely taught me to look for the good in the bad. Look for that silver lining. Just Because It's Tuesday.

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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