The Real Key to Manifestation

"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality it can be no other way. This is philosophy. This is physics." - Albert Einstein

Manifestation is the conscious act of raising your personal vibration and attracting your intentions into your life by willing them to be sent by the universe and appear. Based on the law of attraction, it is said that all of our thoughts are made of energy and those thoughts, both positive and negative, will attract things with a similar energy.

You may have heard of the book, The Secret. It describes this Law of Attraction and how that is “the secret” for obtaining all of your desires in life.

I know there’s a lot of controversy around the topic and how privilege may play a big part in it. But as someone who has seen it work I think most people who describe it are missing a huge key. 

Here are the 5 steps to manifesting your desires:

1.Raise your vibration

This can be done simply by changing your mindset. Shift your thoughts from negative to positive. Your thoughts can affect you at a cellular level and will live there.

Also consider the foods you eat and the people that surround you. Sometimes we’re limited by the environment we’re in but taking necessary measures to change that is possible!

2. Get clear on what you want

Next, you should get clear on what you want in your life. Get very specific about it. List every detail of how you want it and what it would feel and look like to have it. Also be sure to request things with intention. 

3. Affirm your desires

Now is where the real fun begins. State your desires as fact as if you already have it. This can be done by saying it out loud, expressing the thoughts in your head to yourself, or my favorite, journaling. Express the statements as “I have; I am; I will etc”. This helps with actually activating the parts of your brain associated with reward and pleasure. Thus, raising your vibration even more to further attract what you desire.

4. Do the work

Here is where people fall short. They think it, leave it at that, and just expect everything to fall into their lap. It doesn’t quite happen like that. It’s important to actually do the work supporting what you want. 

For example, last year around this time was when I realized I was seriously ready to make the leap from my corporate full time job and moving towards a life of entrepreneurship in yoga and wellness.

I didn’t just state it as fact and wait for it to happen. I did the work. I cut back on spending and worked to save over $10k for a safety net. I started to be more serious about bringing on clients. I started venturing into the online teaching space. I took measures to make sure it would happen! Make a plan and you can achieve what you want too!

5. Trust that it is coming

Finally, you have to actually believe that it’s coming. You can’t just put it out there half-heartedly and hope for the best. Believe that you have it. Believe that it’s done. Have faith!

What’s next?!

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