The Moment I Knew God Was Real

Take a moment and think wayyy back. Do you remember the first time you found out God was real? 

No, not just from your parents telling you, or from the times you were forced to go to church if you didn't want to get your behind whooped (lol), but the first time you knew for yourself. The time that something supernatural happened that made you pause and be like "whoa, this isn't by coincidence."

Well I remember my "moment" like it was yesterday. 

I had to be like 9 years old and my family attended Mt. Olive Baptist Church at the time. I had already accepted Christ as my savior, though I only did it because my sister raised her hand to walk up and I followed suit. But deep down I was indifferent about it all.

Any who, at this age I was in the midst of a ridiculous growth spurt. As a lanky, skinny girl my body was growing faster than my joints could keep up with. This resulted in "popping" noises in my knees whenever I ran. It was especially noticeable when I ran up the stairs.

Though it didn't give me a lot of pain, there was some discomfort and if anything it was embarrassing because of the amount of stares I received. People would look at me as if I was going to break.

One Sunday at alter call, my mother took me up to get prayer over my knees. The warriors went innnnn. I received it and went home and the first thing I did was run up the stairs. There was absolutely no popping at all. Just like that it vanished. 

From this moment on I knew He was real. All from something so simple like the healing of my knees that could not have occurred by accident. 

Since then I learned to pray and grow in my faith. I can't even begin to tell you everything that he has brought me through that has further solidified that initial notion. 

God is real. Prayer works. You've given everything else a chance so why not give Him a try. I promise you won't regret it.


xo Vanessa Michele

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