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I love Sundays. Especially a cool fall Sunday with evening rain showers. For years, Sundays have always served as the perfect reset day for me. When I worked a full time job I made sure to keep my Sundays sacred in order to mentally prepare for the week ahead. 

Thankfully, I no longer have the “Monday scaries” and I now actually live a life where I look forward to Monday as it’s the most productive day of the week for me. I believe the boost in productivity definitely comes from the fact that I spend Sunday resetting in order to prepare as I enter into a new week.

My Sunday reset routine typically starts late afternoon/early evening. After church, brunch, and what ever other activities or plans for the day have concluded I look forward to a night in.

Tidy Up

I need a tidy place to function. Too much clutter starts to drive me crazy but I’m not perfect. My home isn’t always clean and that’s ok.

As the busyness of the week carries out I sometimes end up with a sink full of dishes, papers and books everywhere, or a pile of laundry that needs to be folded by the end of the week. Hey, I’m human! That’s why it’s so important for me to carve out this time on Sunday to reset my home.

I do this mindfully. I sometimes might listen to a podcast such as The Friend Zone, but often I just put on some chill vibe music. One of my favorites is Spotify’s curated playlist, Mellow Mood. It’s one of those playlists where I don’t know the words to the songs and it’s packed with just smooth instrumentals so it allows me to remain present but have a little background noise that relaxes me.

Meal Prep

After I’ve finished cleaning up, I move on to prepping food items for the week ahead. Sometimes this looks like prepping all of my meals, other times it looks like cooking some of the items that take a little more time and effort, or just simply chopping veggies. I find that when I take time to make eating and cooking easier through the week, I’m less likely to spend money and eat out!


Usually as the food is cooking I will take some time to plan and organize for my week ahead. As a creative entrepreneur there are always deadlines. I map out my studio manager hours, the group yoga classes I’m teaching that week, and any private sessions I have. Then around that time I fill in the admin/content creation hours for my brand. I make a list of priorities and things that HAVE to be completed for the week and then break them down in actionable goals. Having a plan is the first step to productivity.


Writing is a key part of my daily routine but I take this time on Sunday to dive a little deeper. I grab my tea and my laptop (I’m now digital journaling) and just let the words pour out. I typically will start with just a brain dump of everything that’s on my mind and how I’m feeling. Then I begin to hash out goals for the week personally, professionally, and financially. This gives me a little structure to my life and leaves me feeling so grounded and ready for the week ahead.


By the time I’m finished planning and journaling my food is complete so I put everything away, fix a plate for dinner, and end the evening with a movie. I also fit in other self care habits at this time like my weekly beauty routine (diy facemask, mani/pedi, abhyanga etc.) or read a book. This is the most important part of resetting as I have taken the time to be productive but it’s also important to find some reset and relax your mind.  

Do you have a sunday reset routine? If so, I’d love to hear what yours includes! Leave a comment below.

With love and light,

xo Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Creative Wellness Entrepreneur. Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Reiki Practitioner| Welcome to my life!