Staying Focused In Yoga Class

Why must staying focused in yoga class be so hard?! I know I'm not the only one who has had this struggle.

The constant wondering if everyone is looking at you, or if you're doing a pose correctly. Or even the random times when thoughts flow into your mind during savasana when you're supposed to be relaxing and letting everything go.

Truth is, it's natural.

Home practice is great because you don't have to worry about others, but an actual class setting can take your practice to an entire different level. 

Are you struggling with staying focused?

Here's 3 Awesome Tips For Staying Focused In Yoga Class

1. Me Too

Did you think you were the only one with these struggles? Trust me almost everyone in your class is thinking the same thing. The next time your thoughts wander just remember "Me Too" because you're not alone.

2. Shoot for the Perimeters

I consider myself an experienced beginner yogi. While some might say that I'm more intermediate or advanced, I personally feel like I have a longgg way to go until I reach that point.

The majority of my practice takes place at home, but I like to occasionally get out and attend a live class.

Due to comfort, I like to shoot for the perimeter of the classroom when selecting a spot. This includes either the back or the sides. This way I don't let the fact that I'm surrounded by people overwhelm me.

3. Let 'em flow 

Once you let go of the fear of other people noticing you, you still have to deal with random unwanted thoughts seeping in. One of my favorite yogis, Faith Hunter, once shared that it's okay to let thoughts freely flow in as long as you exhale them away and don't create stories around them.

If they come in, just let it go on your next exhale and focus on your breathing instead :)

I hope this helps!

until next time... Be awesomely amazing

xo Vanessa Michele

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