I Exhaled & Got A $300 Speeding Ticket

The other night I was journaling and was literally expressing my thankfulness that at this moment in my life, I'm just...well happy. I'm content. As the words began to flow out on the page I slightly cringed. Could saying this "out loud" jinx me? Is everything going to fall apart tomorrow because I'm finally happy and things seem to be going right?

I felt God tell me that "it's okay my child, you can exhale and rest in me."

- How to Find Balance In a Life That's Unpredictable


So I did it. I exhaled...


A couple of months ago I shared how I was so happy. Finally happy. Saying that out loud kind of scared me because I felt like every time I did something else would happen.

Well, who would've guess that just 9 days later I would be getting my first speeding ticking for a whomping $300. They got me. In DC they are notorious for having cameras posted everywhere. Unfortunately one of those nifty cameras got my plates going through a tunnel at 55mph in a 35mph work zone.

Hitting at a time where I want to save for 2016 upcoming trips and plans. I stared at the ticket in disbelief. I've never in my life been pulled over. Nothing more than parking tickets (oh and I got one that day as well; DC hates me). 

But the truth of the matter it could've been A LOT worse. I'll save that for another day but I feel like God has to send us gentle (or not so gentle) reminders to slow. down. 

Don't be in such a rush because you might miss out on something great. 

Someone once told me I belong in NYC the way I'm always rushing. I find myself always in a rush in traffic, at the grocery store, and even at work. Like why?!

So let me take my unfortunate $300 ticket and use it to remind you as well to slow down as you go through life #JustBecauseItsTuesday.

Enjoy each and every moment because it could all be gone tomorrow.

Be awesomely amazing, 

xo Vanessa Michele

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