Slow Living and Wedding Planning

100 days until I marry the love of my life. Crazy to think just a little over 100 days ago he proposed.

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of that day. MY wedding day. I honestly had everything planned down to the colors by the time I graduated from high school.

13 years later it’s safe to say all those plans have changed!

With a modest budget and refusal to go into debt over this day I knew that it would take some necessary planning.

A week after we were engaged I was already setting up appointments to view venues! Why wait! Let’s get married this year!, I told my partner.

And before you ask, No, I’m not pregnant! I just don’t see the point of waiting around especially when you want a small wedding.

My sister and best friend both planned their weddings in less than 4 months, I for sure could do it in 6.

Trying to embrace a slow living lifestyle with an express engagement has been interesting. 

I had my wedding coordinator, venue, and caterer booked all within the first month. I even found my dress in that time frame too! I had my photographer booked shortly thereafter.

With all of the big stuff out of the way, I felt that I could take my time with the rest.

With a guest list capped at 50, a tiny wedding party, it’s nice and stress free. Here I am 3 months out and now am getting down to the details.

My aunt is a floral queen and I am working with her to make my dreams come true. 

My key is to not get stressed out. I don’t want to become this bridezilla either. This process has been so smooth and seamless and I can only hope it stays this way.

I truly believe that taking the time to slow down and being mindful through this entire process has allowed me to have a greater appreciation.

I also know that it will make that Saturday in September so much better with an amazing honeymoon to follow!

I’m excited to continue sharing notes on this journey but in the meantime check out our wedding website!

With love and light,

xo Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Creative Wellness Entrepreneur. Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Reiki Practitioner| Welcome to my life!