Self Care

Buy yourself flowers.

That's what I said as I stared at myself in the mirror while positioning each coil of my hair to where I wanted it. It was a beautiful Saturday and I was preparing to head to the grocery store to grab my fresh produce for the week. Weekly routines. 

Just a few moment prior, I walked into my kitchen and passed a faux floral arrangement of sunflowers I had made earlier this year. See sunflowers are my favorite summer flower. Lillies in the spring, and roses in the winter. Fall has always been reserved for the assorted colorful leaves and pinecones. Random I know. Who else has seasonal favorites?

For a quick moment, I said to myself I wish someone would buy me flowers. 

I'm single, and don't get me wrong I'm absolutely loving this season, but I remember when my significant others would buy me flowers. I have never bought them for myself. 

So as I stared at myself in the mirror and tamed my unkempt curls I said buy yourself flowers, and that's just what I did.

It's about self care. It's about putting yourself first.

These days I'm trying to be more intentional about being selfish when it comes to my happiness. HappyNess. It's still a movement and I'm constantly chasing her. 

Self care is taking time out my day to pause.

My favorite is quiet time with God. I turn on worship music, sit on the porch, and allow the fresh air to kiss my face as I dive into the word, my devotional, and pour all my cares and gratitude out to him through journaling. 

Self care is eating healthy and staying fit.

I've cut out a lot of junk and am back to doing my Meatless mondays. I'm consistent with my yoga practice and I am making sure that I drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily.

Self care is treating yourself.

I met a goal at work so I'm rewarding myself with a nice bottle of wine or a new book.

Self care is having constant reminders around that you're worthy, you're enough, you're beautiful.

So I have my #postitspiration all around my home. #JustBecauseItsTuesday


And the list goes on. How do you show self care?