Overcoming Anxiety in the Moment

Last week I got hit hard with an episode anxiety. I mean HARD. I laid in the bed and literally couldn’t stop my heart from pounding so hard. I felt like I just ran a mile and had no way of catching my breath. 

Honestly, it seems like these moments have hit more frequently as of late. Sometimes life’s stresses have a way of being stored in the body and begin to bud at the most inopportune moments.

Instead of pouring a glass of wine (like I really wanted to) I used holistic ways to overcome.

The first thing I noted was I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I immediately knew I needed to open my heart space and do some breathwork. 

I rolled out of bed and went to my living room floor where I grabbed a yoga block, placed it underneath of my shoulder blades, and positioned myself in a supported fish pose.

My favorite breath practice is to inhale for 2 counts and exhale slowly for 4. The first inhale fills my belly, the second my chest, and everything is released at the same time as I exhale.

Everything is slow, intentional, and with ease.

This simple practice allows my to tap in to the present moment and find something to focus on. It also offers great release physically as I intentionally use my lungs to the fullest capacity. The breath works wonders for your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) and is one of the easiest tools to use to find calm in any moment and establish a place of grounding and stability.

As I settled in I then moved into a mindfulness meditation. Allowing myself to experience the present moment fully. Being free to “just feel”. Observing each moment as it comes, settles, and passes by. 

After a moment of mindfulness, slipping away in my mind and going to a peaceful place through a visualization practice allows me to get grounded. I can hold onto that feeling of peace and re-enter in my day when I’m ready.

I laid on my living room floor for about 30 minutes that night. Cheeks stained with tears but I finally caught my breath. I gained control of the present situation and I was ok.

This is my personal journey but I thought I’d share as it can help others. If you’re interested in trying this practice for yourself, check out my Free From Anxiety Meditation. Whether you battle with anxiety or you just need a little bit of calm in your life this is for you.

Let me know if the meditation help you find any ease. Feel free to comment below or shoot me an email at hello@vanessamichele.com.

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With love an light,

Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Creative Wellness Entrepreneur. Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Reiki Practitioner| Welcome to my life!