October | What I'm Loving

Another month is done! I always say October is my favorite month because I’m obsessed with fall. I love when the seasons change. It reminds me of the place at the top of an inhale. That pause. That apex of transition. And man has this definitely been a season of transition for me. Whew.

I’m learning to find peace in the way my world has been shifted as I’ve grown to love myself in phenomenal ways. I’ve broken out of my comfort zone, grown in my business, and met a few amazing local women along the way!

If you’re apart of my wellness tribe, you know I send monthly emails at the start of each month. I usually include a piece of “What I’m Loving” where I list things I have loved over the month. 

So let’s get to it, here’s what I loved in the month of October!

Good Chemistry Queen Bee Body Mist

Who doesn’t want to smell good?! I stumbled upon this brand in Target when I was looking for a natural, cruelty-free product made with essential oils and this was perfect. It smells soo good and meshes well with my body chemistry. If you’re looking for a new fragrance I say give it a try!

The Mind, Explained

I’m obsessed with documentaries and learning more about the brain and the way the mind works. The Mind, Explained is a mini series on Netflix that breaks down different topics about the mind (mindfulness, anxiety, dreams, memory, and psychedelics). The episodes are only like 20 minutes long and it’s so interesting! Check it out!

Seane Corn Revolution of the Soul

One of my former students came in to surprise me one Friday at the yoga studio before class. I hadn’t seen her for months and though we’re not super close we’ve always had a connection and she’s always been so supportive of my journey. I literally broke down in tears when I saw her walk in. She gave me a gift bag and said she was thinking of me so she decided to surprise me. After class I opened it to find this book and a nice card. 

I’m about half way through reading it and it’s so good. Seane shares her journey through yoga and breaks down yoga through illustrations of her life. I love diving deeper into the philosophy of yoga while learning and finding new ways to grow in my practice and teaching. I definitely recommend this book!

Utility Wagon 

My mom bought me a utility wagon years ago when I moved into my first VA apartment. Carrying groceries from the parking garage to my apartment was no bueno and this was a life saver! It has come in handy this past month as I moved into a new apartment. I had a slow move because there was an overlap in the start of my new lease and the end of my old. It was nice to slowly take things over and this wagon made my life so much easier!

NYX Eyebrow pencil

My make up routine these days is very minimal. It consists of concealer, eye liner and mascara. However, I don’t know what the heck has happened to my eyebrows as of late but they are losing fullness so I bought an eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps. I’ve been using the NYX one and so far I like. It blends well with my natural look and I feel more balanced. If you have any other suggestions I’m open! Let me know what your fav is!

Trader Joe’s Autumnal Soup

TJ’s seasonal items are always the best. I bought this soup last fall and fell in love. I literally could not wait until this season rolled around so I could re-up. It’s a tomato based soup with pumpkin and butternut squash. It’s so yummy and perfect for the fall. I’ve been relying on it heavy as I’m currently in a 21 day detox which includes a vegan-ish diet. It’s so good so pick one up the next time you’re in the store and give it a try!

That’s it for October! I would love to hear what you have been loving this month! Leave a comment below!

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xo Vanessa Michele

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