Notable mentions from January

January was a blur. A month that typically is filled with new goals, resolutions and fresh momentum had me beat! You’ll find out soon enough why it was so crazy but I made it!

In my monthly newsletter I like to share with my wellNESS Tribe inspirational notes, monthly intentions, as well as some of my favorite things. I thought it would be a good idea to share more details of why I’m currently loving those things here on the blog!

So welcome to the January edition of what I’m loving!


My dad got me an Instapot for Christmas and it's been a game changer.  I especially love that it is a literal all-in-one pot which totally supports my goal of maintaining a minimalistic lifestyle.

It’s very easy to set up and you can create meals that would normally take hours.

This week I’m looking forward to making a lentil soup. Follow my new food Instagram page Olive + Prose to see how it turns out!

New Books!

Since I’ve started my minimalism journey I have found more creative ways to read and listen to books so that my bookshelf isn’t overflowing. Audible and Kindle unlimited have been two of those sources. **You get two free audio books on audible with a free trial!

But every now and then I find that some books require the need of holding the physical copy in your hands. Recently those have been daily and weekly devotionals and informative yoga books that I need to take notes in.

 In January, I started Together with Christ couples devotional with my partner. It’s a 52 week devotional that you do with your partner to kind of check in and grow in your relationship. It’s been really nice to carve out time together each week to complete the few pages and discuss the week’s topics. Our communication has been great since day one so although it doesn’t provide introspective relationship questions we have found ways to develop our own to make sure we’ve covered the topic thoroughly.

I’ve also been enjoying Journey to the Heart daily meditations by Melody Beattie. She shares daily inspiration and notes to truly transform your life and look at things differently. It’s also nice to have the daily dated accountability to make sure I’m pressing pause to take something in for myself.

The skimm 

I find that with my busy schedule it’s hard to keep up with the news. Quite frankly do I even want to indulge hours reading through articles anyway?

I’ve been subscribed to The Skimm’s email newsletter for the past year. One daily email with all of the news highlights helps me to stay updated in current events. It's straight to the point and less than a 3 minute read. I can read it first thing in the morning and I’m on with my day.

New shows and docs

I’ve been treating myself to a little more TV these days. It’s nice to unwind and find new shows and documentaries to watch. Everything in moderation right?!

I recently stumbled upon the series Manifest that comes on nbc. It’s currently a little over halfway through the season and though I'm a few months late to the game with this one, I have been binge watching to get caught up and I’m hooked! I’m so looking forward to see how it continues to unfold as the season wraps up.

As far as recent docs I’m sure you’ve watched the Fyre documentary on Netflix right? It’s so crazy how so many people spent thousands of dollars on a festival where the organizer got a little too in over his head. Let’s just say it never happened. Take a watch if you have 90 minutes to spare. Super interesting.

That’s all for January. If I missed anything worthwhile or if you have any suggestion for things I should check out leave a comment or send a note to

With love and light,

xo Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Creative Wellness Entrepreneur. Yoga Instructor. Reiki Practitioner| Welcome to my life!


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