N A M A S L A Y. The slay in me recognizes the slay in you.

Yoga is a huge part of my lifestyle, and being that Vanessa Michele is a lifestyle blog I felt it appropriate to incorporate more yoga, health and fitness posts! So lets start with NamaSlay.

I think it's important to slay in everything you do including yoga. So here's a mini photo series along with a Q&A.

Q: How long have you been practicing yoga and why did you start?

I started practicing yoga in July 2013. I was in a low place after losing my job with little since of direction and was looking for an outlet. I was simply just browsing through Instagram and came across LauraSykora's page and thought ohh cool I wish I could do that. Then I went out and bought a yoga mat and made it happen!

Q: Are you self-taught or do you attend group classes?

I'm a self-taught yogi for the most part. I like the freedom to practice yoga in the comfort of my own home and go at my own pace while saving money. I do, however, regularly stream free yoga class by way of DoYouYoga, BadYogi, and other popular yoga instructors on YouTube. 

I hope to make more of an effort to attend group classes more in the future as to further expand my practice.

Q: Do you teach yoga?

I'm not a certified yoga instructor but I do hope to one day complete a 200hr yoga teacher training course. However, I do like to give tips and tricks on how to better your practice and find your own flow, all of which I plan to share on Vanessa Michele.

q: what are some of your yoga goals?

In the future I hope to go to more yoga group classes, experiment more with aerial silks as well as acro yoga.

Q: What kind of yoga do you practice?

I thoroughly enjoy practicing vinyasa (flow) yoga. I love connecting my movements with my breath and making it more dancery:)

Q:  Do you have a background in gymnastics?

When I began sharing my asanas or yoga postures on Instagram one of the main questions I got was how do I get my body to bend that way. Did I do gymnastics? Honestly, not at all. I was super not flexible and cramped up and collapsed the first time I tried to do one of those old school table top back bend bridges we used to do in elementary school. That's one of the perks of yoga though, gaining flexibility and pushing your body to do the "impossible".

Q: Why do you think everyone should incorporate yoga into their lifestyle?

Physical and mental health is extremely important and something we should take seriously. Yoga offers many benefits from flexibility leading to less injury in other workouts, increase in blood circulation, digestive health and more. I always wrap up each session with a moment of meditation to just be quiet, breath, and relax which also helps minimize anxiety and reduce stress.

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Stay tuned for more yoga related posts each and every Thursday!

Be Awesomely Amazing, 

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