It's been about 3 months since I purchased my first "real" yoga mat.

After having practiced on a cheaper mat for the past 3 years, it was definitely worn out and time for an upgrade.

I wanted to invest in something of quality and the company I work at for my day job just so happens to make fitness a priority so they have a fitness reimbursement program where they will reimburse us for fitness related expenses. i.e. perfect time to splurge on a mat!

I decided to go for the Jade Harmony.

It runs around $80 and is earth friendly. It's made out of all natural recycled rubber and for every mat sold a tree is planted. Go Sustainability!

I also opted to purchase the pink one which is special for breast cancer awareness and so a portion of the proceeds are going towards research.

Now on to the actual mat.


The mat is ~3/16in thick offering a decent amount of cushion. It rolls out flat so you don't have to worry about those curled edges. And it the texture looks like a material of quality.


When I first rolled it out, I couldn't help but be smacked in the face with the smell of rubber. It's natural alright! haha

I let it air out overnight and then I was good to go. I DEFINITELY recommend doing this! Thank me later.


Because the mat is made from all natural rubber, you won't have to worry about slipping around if your palms get sweaty. It offers a lot of grip which is great for stability as you're working on your arm balances and inversions. However, it can come off as a "sticky" feel which can be an adjustment if you're used to sliding and transitioning into different postures on a smoother surface.

Also because of the open cell structure of the mat, it absorbs moisture, so if you sweat during practice you won't have to worry about it building up on the surface. Because of this reason alone, I wouldn't recommend purchasing a Jade if you intend to practice Hot Yoga. The moisture will most likely build up over time within the pores which will lead to quicker wear and tear. 


Overall, my experience with my Jade Harmony has been a good one. I can definitely tell a difference from my previous mat and it has given me more confidence in my classes. With that said, I'd recommend the Jade Harmony mat to both beginner and advanced yogis :)

What mat do you practice with? 

Be awesomely amazing, 

xo Vanessa Michele

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