46. That's exactly how many days we have left in this year. CRAZY!

2016 has flown by and because I live by goal setting I'm already starting on 2017. I have travel goals, personal goals, financial goals, spiritual goals and more. Truth is you can't do that without Hustle.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 8.40.34 PM.png

Speaking of goals, how are you shaping up with your 2016s?

I always do monthly check ins with mine, make adjustments where needed and then a thorough inventory my personal new year (birthday) and towards the end of the year. 

The most important thing is to not lose sight of where you're going and what you want to do.

Hence, I'm working 3 jobs because I'm that crazy girl who wants to "retire" at 32. Well..really I just want to work for myself and build a family haha but you know.

As the year is wrapping up I want you to finish strong. What last minute things can you do to reach as many goals you set at the beginning of the year by Dec31? Do it!

One goal in particular for me was to reach 8k subscribers on YouTube, I'm at 7,137. So close but I'm not accepting failure. Yes, I've failed a little at consistency because I've had a lot of changes occur over the past couple of months but I'm not giving up!

"Remember, the dream is real, but the work is too."  -Mattie James

Let finish out this year on top!

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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