Breathe. Release. Heal. 


I spoke in my last post on how I've been making some life shifts lately as I've been taking inventory and becoming more cognizant of where I am.

One of my flaws is emotion suppression. I hold things in. I'm human. It's especially bad when it's negative energy and emotion. 

It then starts to affect the way I walk, talk, think and speak, and es no bueno. But hey, I'm a work in progress!

One of the ways I release is through hip openers. I talked about this in my last wellNESS post how these poses are great for releasing the built up tension that we hold within our hips. 

It was all good until I was flowing through a hip opener sequence one Wednesday night and found myself crying for no reason. OMG get it together Vanessa!

I started journaling and a lot of thoughts and emotion that I was suppressing began to come out.

I was teetering on the thoughts of attending a Yoga for Healing workshop that following Sunday and this moment of vulnerability was all I needed to affirm that I needed to attend.

I went and it was absolutely ah-may-zing.

To just flow with the intention of letting go. No other goal in mind. And Jane, the instructor, added specks wonderful quotes throughout the practice, and yall know how I feel about inspirational quotes! 

I focused on forgiveness. Myself and others and we were given space to journal afterwards. 

I've made some mistakes. I've broken promises. I've let myself down. I've done things I've said I'd never do. But you know what? I'm human. I'm not perfect. And with that, I give my permission to fail. To Learn. To move forward.

So that leads me to ask you what do you need healing from? What are you holding on to that you need to work through?


I challenge you to Breathe. Release. and Heal. #JustBecauseItsTuesday


xo Vanessa Michele


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