The Absolute Hardest Yoga Pose

It's Yoga Thursday here at Vanessa Michele and today I want to share with you what I consider the absolute hardest yoga post for me to do since day one of hopping on my mat. 

That is actually the downward dog pose. Though it's ironically a feel good stretch I struggle because of my tight hamstrings.

I alway want to touch my heels to the ground but honestly even when I'm warmed up I find it difficult.

If you're doing the pose correctly, you come into an upside down "V" planting your hands and feet on the ground, forming an 45 degree angle. As you settle into the pose you drop your head and lift your hips high all while ensuring that you are keeping your back straight and not hunching. A lot of things to focus on right?

When doing everything correctly I still manage to beat myself up about the fact that my heels don't easily touch the ground but I'm slowly learning to shake it off and move on. I've come to accept that I won't be able to hit every pose but that's okay. Maybe one day I will be able to comfortably plant the heels of my feet on the ground while lifting my hips to the highest point possible, but until then I'll just do the best I can:)

What's the hardest post for you to do?

Be awesomely amazing.

xo Vanessa Michele

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