Gifting Experience: The Christmas Shift that Has Changed My Life

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Holiday shopping, black Friday deals, and more last minute shopping. Consumerism has completely taken over and we’re all so accustomed to it that I don’t think we pause to noticed just how crazy it has gotten!

This year things changed for me. I started my journey to minimalism and have noticed incredible shifts in my life. For one, by cutting back on the need to buy unnecessary clothing, shoes, and other misc stuff I was able to save almost $10k this year!

Looking ahead to Christmas, I originally had decided not to participate in Christmas gift exchange this year but I then had the idea to give the gift of experiences to those closest to me. Instead of buying tangible items I am carving out time to spend individual 1-on-1 time with everyone in a special way. Yes, I’m still spending money (honestly maybe even a little more than I would if I would just give out gift sets), but what’s different is the fact that it will be well worth the quality time with one another.

This share is not to judge if you do decide to continue to give gift, nothing is wrong with it as long as it’s given from a place of love and you’re not just buying to buy.

Take time this year to shift your gifting and make sure it’s intentional.

If you’re having difficulty in determining a quality gift for someone maybe considering giving them the gift of yoga! I offer private yoga, Reiki energy healing, and meditation sessions in the DMV and virtually online. If you or someone close could benefit from prioritization of self care through one or a combination of these modalities give it a try!

Each package comes with a complimentary intro session. After the intro session if you feel like it’s not for you no worries, money back guaranteed!

I believe it’s so important to invest in yourself and those you care about so let’s get start of 2019 making self care a priority!

With love and light,

xo Vanessa Michele

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