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As I've been on my quest to live a little bit more intentionally through minimalism, I have become a little obsessed with tiny houses and tiny living! I don't know exactly what it is that's so intriguing to me but I think the idea of being able to live in a tiny house is pretty cool. I always wanted to experience it myself so once I came across Getaway House I knew this would be the perfect mix for me to experience tiny living with a solo staycation to reset. 

Getaway houses are tiny modern cabin rentals located outside of DC, NYC, and Boston. In just a short 2 hour drive you can escape the busy whirlwind of a city and enjoy a night or two or more in nature. They have cabins for up to 4 people so you can find your fit and get ready to unplug!



I live in Alexandria, VA (about 10 min from DC) so I slipped away to the DC outpost location. The cabin location was easy to find. I was provided the address after booking and given the cabin name and entry code 2 hours before my check in. When I arrived I was greeted by a frog sitting on the front step which honestly almost gave me a heart attack but was a gentle reminder that, yes, I am in the middle of the woods haha!

After letting myself into the cabin I was left with a sweet note and complimentary kit to make s'mores. Because this stay was in the summer and it was pretty hot and humid I opted to not start a fire and make the s'mores and instead just inhaled the chocolate :.)

The cabin includes a full mini kitchen with a fridge, provisions for purchase, a bathroom with a hot shower, books, playing cards and more. There's also a fire pit with firewood and chairs out back!



So you're in the cabin, now what?! The great thing about Getaway is it makes for the perfect time to unplug and disconnect from your regular life. The cabin has a cell phone lock box so if you need to digitally remove yourself you can turn your phone on airplane mode or off and leave it for the entirety of the trip. As mentioned previously, there are a variety of books and a set of playing cards in each cabin. There is also a little booklet with games, puzzles, questions to ask your partner etc. In addition you can actually get out of the cabin and go for a hike, start a fire and roast s'mores, or just be one with the outdoors!

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As for me? I wanted this getaway to be a time of resetting. I wanted to boost creativity and do some of the things I really loved while finding solace in solitude. I opted to not put my cell phone in the lockbox, 1. because I was alone and after working 5 years as a forensic scientist in a crime lab I've read my share of cases. Enough said. and 2. disconnecting from social and the digital world wasn't a necessity of mine. I currently do pretty well with limiting my time on social media and I cut it out even more while I was here. I only gave myself about 30 min to a hour total on social and I did want to check in with my mom and my boyfriend on the phone shortly just to let them know I was ok :)

I spent my 20 hours journaling, creating content for my blog and YouTube Channel, practicing yoga, and watched a movie. I will say I "worked" for about 2 hours total and the rest I left to totally unwinding.

Make your Getaway what you need it to be for you. Everyone is different. My only rule was to not stress, not think about my full time job, and not check my email. Just create, relax, and reset.


The number one question I got when telling friends I was escaping to a Getaway was "wait so your going to be in the cabin? In the woods? Alone?!" Yes. and No.

So I booked the cabin alone for a solo stay but each outpost has about 15 cabins that are close but not on top of each other. So I had that element of privacy but also peace of mind knowing someone was nearby. There is also a bright red phone in the cabin in case of an emergency.

Windows all have 2 locks and the door to the cabin has a lock.

See, no worries. You'll be fine! :)


What to pack and what to bring?


Be minimal. As stated above the cabin includes a bunch of stuff even towels to shower. I'll be sharing what I packed in next weeks video on my YouTube channel so make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss it ;)

Other than the things mentioned there I would recommend bringing snacks and water. Though the water is drinkable in the cabin I always like to fill a couple of my reusable 32 ounce Nalgene bottles with alkaline water for when I travel!

Also another spoiler alert, something that surprised me, there's no mirror! Mirrors are considered to be analog selfies and if you're unplugging, take a break from staring at yourself in the mirror as well. But if you literally cannot get survive with out one you might want to consider bringing a small travel one :)

Lastly keep in mind there is no wifi and no TV. Bring your favorite book or game to keep yourself entertained during your time away!


I decided to do my first Getaway solo but when I do it again I would love to convince my partner to go with. I think it's great to unplug and would make for a great trip to get some quality time in with one another. I want to take full advantage of the cell phone lock box and leave my phone off for 24 hours. I plan to go again in the fall/winter and take advantage of the fire pit and hike some of the nearby trails in the Shenandoah National Park. 

Interested in your own Getaway? Save $25 on your first stay!

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