I love podcasts. It's something about just popping in my head phones when I'm at work in the lab and getting a little inspiration or a good laugh that helps me get through the day or adds fuel to my tank. 

Here's a round up of my favorite podcasts that I listen to weekly!


1. Myleik

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If you've been following me for awhile I'm sure you've heard me mention that Myleik Teele is my virtual mentor. As the CEO and founder of CurlBox and MyTaughtYou, this woman keeps it real in all aspects of life including business, entrepreneurship, relationships and even just personal goal setting.

I love the variety her podcasts give. One week she might be doing a Q&A where she answers listener questions that have been sent in, another she might be interviewing someone she's met, and another she might do a pod solely dedicated to building a great business.

If you ever need a boost of raw inspiration, Myleik is your girl.


2. The Friend Zone

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As someone who is all for wellness, The Friend Zone is the perfect pod for me. Fran, Dustin, and Asante keep me laughing the majority of the show but then have segments where raw discussion is had and wellness tips are shared. Many of which I carry over and continue the discussion with some of my friends.

The show always starts off with a hilarious freestyle from Dustin and Asante and includes multiple other segments throughout such as black business highlights, music man/ice breaker, a light ratchet TV discussion, and a Q&A from a listener question previously sent in.

Definitely a great positive yet hilarious podcast that I look forward to every week.


3. Dreams in Drive

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Dreams in Drive is a great inspirational podcast for those aspiring to own their own businesses one day. 

Each week host, Rana Campbell, interviews a business owner/creative of color where they dive into what inspired them as a child, what they consider the keys to success are, and how they ultimately put their dream in drive.

As a creative who does aspire to work for myself one day I always gain a little boost each week listening to the stories including the challenges and the triumphs of those who have made it.


4. Insecuritea

If you watch Issa Rae's hit show on HBO Insecure then you HAVE to listen to Insecuritea. This weekly episode recap from Crissle (The Read) and Fran (HeyFranHey; The Friend Zone) is great! Fran is my bestfriend in my head so I had to support and it hasn't let me down.

It's a hilarious podcasts that takes a deeper look into the show and each week I walk away learning something new that I didn't catch during the 30minute episode. 


5. The Read

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Now don't judge me but I have to have my weekly dose of rachetivity and The Read is that for me. Kid Fury and Crissle literally have me laughing the entire episode as they keep it raw and unfiltered. The show encompasses what it means to be black in America, including segments revolving around Black Excellence, Shade in Full (gossip), Q&A, and always concluding with a read where they each vent about something on their heart that particular week.

Definitely one I save for when I'm in the lab and need some entertainment!


Of course I listen to others such as "Mattieologie", "#Goals", and "Serial" back during season 1, but those listed above are my top 5.


What are some of your favorite podcasts I'm always looking for new things to dive in.