Fitness Rest Days Are Mandatory

On Tuesday I discussed how mental breaks are necessary, I'd like to continue that theme of the week and bring up the importance of rest days from a physical workout aspect. 

Many people are guilty of going hard hard hard thinking it will expedite results. They want to lose weight or gain muscle so they think that putting in the extra work will help.

Truth is we have to allow are muscles to rest and recover. During this period is where they actually build!

I remember when I would practice yoga for hours each and everyday. Not just gentle stretches, but full on forearms stands and arm flows, back bends, etc. At one point I kept getting frustrated when I could no longer hold my body weight up solely by my hands and I collapsed on the ground. I pushed myself to failure and could have actually hurt myself along the way.

I then found that when I allowed a day in between working a certain area or asana I actually noticed more improvement than when I was putting in the work each and everyday.

So I challenge you to take advantage of rest days or even weeks if needed. But don't get too comfortable. Get back up and keep going. Your body will thank you for it:)

Be awesomely amazing, 

xo Vanessa Michele

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