Somewhere between pushing the snooze button repeatedly in the morning and going weeks of eating out (at not so healthy establishments) I think I noticed that my discipline needed a bit of work.

Though I subconsciously took note, I continued on with my daily quests which ultimately turned into routine, nothing changed.

Enter organized discipline.

It all started during a conversation with my boyfriend. I prayed for a man who would challenge and push me to be a better me and that's just what I got.

See we frequently have what I call "growth talks" where we reflect on our relationship and personal gains and goals. He brought up a few months ago that he wanted to work on being more disciplined (as do I if we're keeping it real), so I quickly jumped at the opportunity.

This conversation turned into us agreeing to make sacrifices in some way at least one week out of the month month. This way we are forced to stare the art of being disciplined in it's face and make personal and relational advancements along the way.

So for one week, whether it is going vegan for week or giving up all social media, we keep each other accountable through the struggle and I must say it has definitely changed me for the better.

Even now as we hurdle through this hump day during fast week where we've made sacrifices as a couple, and me being an overachiever decided to also throw on giving up processed food and eating out in effort to get myself cooking in the kitchen more, I feel stronger. 

I think it's something about a challenge that makes me want to do more. The goal is to hold on and keep these habits going onward past the intense week. I think that's the real challenge. What can I take away and apply for the other 3 weeks of the month?

Today I ask you what can you be more disciplined with? Try finding an accountability partner and giving up something for 5 days and watch how your life changes!

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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