You don't always have control over what happens, however, but you always have control over your response to what happens.

I will not forget my blessings when faced with my burdens. - Tracy G

I'm what you will call a planner. I set daily goals and in order to fulfill them I have to map out a plan. This is especially vital to me professionally.

As a forensic scientist, I am processing hundreds of samples weekly. This week in particular I'm assigned to extract DNA from said hundreds of samples.

Knowing that I would be spending 90% of my days going non-stop in the lab, I've mentally planned every hour out to the T and even penciled in a 30min lunch and a couple of 5 min water/snack breaks.

Today I knew I had to accomplish everything I needed to get done within 9 hrs. Because I work 2 jobs I would have to head straight to the yoga studio right after I left the lab so I only had enough time to work an hour extra. 

Unfortunately within the first hour of the day my plan was disrupted because someone else failed to do their job correctly which ultimately halted mine.

I literally could feel the anxiety start to weld up as my heart started to race and my palms grew sweaty. How on earth can I get everything done when one thing after the other seemed to go wrong?!

"It's already a bad day."

I took a deep breath and told my negativty, NO!

I changed my entire thought process and begin to formulate a new plan on how I can get everything done in a timely manner. Within 5 minutes I figured everything out and my frustration was gone. 

Guess what? I completed everything within those 9hrs :)

You're mindset changes EVERYTHING.

If I would've continued to claim that it was a bad day I can promise you more bad things probably would've followed. I would've remained frustrated and most likely would've made a mistake down the line. 

Just because a couple of bad things happen or things go unplanned don't let those moments dictate your entire day.

I'm remembering this going forward and I hope you do the same:) #JustBecauseITsTuesday

Be awesomely amazing, 

xo Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Christian. Writer. Content Creator. Giver of Love. Collector of Quotes. Yoga Enthusiast. Forensic Scientist by day. Welcome to my life!