Affordable Fitness Clothes

Fitness clothes are definitely one of my favorite things to wear. Half of the time I'm not even working out, I just like the ability to throw on something that I can actually move in.

If you're anything like me and half of your wardrobe is composed of fitness attire, I'm sure you've seen the ridiculously high priced items at the stores. I mean, who is really trying to pay $40 for some leggings? Not I!

Below, I've compiled a list of my favorite places to by AFFORDABLE fitness clothes for everyone.


1. Old Navy

I would say 90% of my fitness clothes come from Old Navy. They have the absolute best pricing and quality that exceeds. 


I head straight to the clearance section and can grab a pair of leggings for around $4 to $8 bucks. Running shorts can run around $8 to $10 and tops/tanks range anywhere from $2 to $8. 

I've also gotten all of my sports bras from there as well for as low as $3!

Their regularly priced items are around $20-$30 a piece but you can almost always find in season items for less if you skip the racks and go to the clearance. 

Old Navy often has storewide sales where they do 30-50% off workout clothes so keep a look out for those as well.


Old Navy definitely has one of the best quality of workout attire material. I've had items for years that have not exhibited any wear and tear, are breathable, and don't hold sweat and odor.

2. TJ Maxx/Marshalls

Next, I will head to the TJ Maxx/Marshalls sister stores. If you're into name brands you can often find affordable items here.


On average you can grab a pair of leggings or shorts around $16-$30. Tops and tanks will run you about $5-$20 depending on the material.


The quality of these items are definitely there. As I stated before you can grab quality name brand pieces for about half the price.

3. Target

Lastly, there's Target. Definitely one of my favorite stores. I promise I can't go in without buying just one thing haha.

As for workout attire they are tricky.

Target definitely has a pretty good selection but I never buy anything full price so I head straight to clearance. You can often find nice jackets, leggings, and tops at 30% off. 

My target price (pun intended) is no more than $15-$20 and I can often find the things I need well within this range. 

Try to pair your item with a cartwheel coupon. They often have 20% off clearance and women's clothing deals where you can save a little more. 


There you have it. My top 3 place to buy affordable workout/fitness attire. I hope this list helps!

Be awesomely amazing (with your coins),

xo Vanessa Michele

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