5 Reasons To Practice Yoga at Home

Solace in solitude.

Why I chose at home practice...

10 times out of 9 I'd rather do things alone. I guess it's the fact that I'm a true 100% introvert. I find that this also applies to my practice in yoga.

I started practicing yoga in July of 2013 after browsing through Laura Sykora's instagram page and attempting a few poses. I then started a 30 day yoga challenge by Erin Motz, so my practice ultimately started at home and I just kind of stuck with it. Here are 5 reasons why I love to practice yoga at home:

1. Save money

I'm super frugal, and let's be real, yoga classes can be expensive. An extra expense of ~$150 - $200 a month is not something I'm trying to do right now. So practicing at home for free sounds a little more like my speed.

2. Don't feel like anyone is judging you

Have you ever been in a class and haven't been able to hold a pose so you cheat, and then get glares as someone else balances on one foot with their other leg up and around their neck all while drinking water and reading a magazine? Yeah, me neither lol.

But let's face it, even I have off days where I'm just not as flexible or don't have the endurance to hold a pose. If I need to take a breather at home I don't feel like anyone is judging me and it's nice. 

3. Go at your own pace

I love being able to go at my own pace. Some days I feel invincible so I take on a super advanced online class, and other I get to my mat thinking I want to have a supercharged session but at the last minute realize that my body needs more of a restoration flow, so I do that instead.

Being able to go at my own pace is rewarding because it's ultimately MY practice. 

4. Practice naked if you want

Yoga pants are awesome, but most days I just don't like wearing clothes. Most of my practices these days are in my bra and panties. I wouldn't even dare wear a sports bra and shorts to a live yoga class, so having this option to be free at home is, well, freeing. 

5. Find your own flow

Lastly, one thing I hope everyone can do is find their own flow. I love vinyasa flow yoga. The dancery sequences with your breath result in such a great feeling. What beats that is being able to come up with your own flows that you find yourself repeating daily. Find what feels good and do that. 

Be awesomely amazing, 

xo Vanessa Michele

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