This is 30: What I Know For Sure

Whew 30. I honestly thought by this age I would have it all figured out. Little did I know I still have a long way to go. I don’t feel like I’m racing against the clock, or that my prime years are gone. In fact, I feel like my prime is just getting started.

This year, I thought I’d channel my inner Oprah and share a few things I know for sure.

I know that God is real and that when you put things into the universe he has the power to bring it to fruition. 

I know that it is possible to walk away from a “stable” career and pursue your dreams.

I know that you can unlearn things of the past and rewrite an amazing future.

I know that spiked seltzer makes a good substitute for an IPA. (Hello abs)

I know that suppressing or soothing your feelings doesn’t make it easier. 

I know that you must get down to the root cause of things in order to heal.

I know that it’s possible for the ones you love the most to hurt you in the worst of ways.

I know that I am able to shine my light on others in the most beautiful of ways.

I know that the monstera plant is one that I can’t kill.

I know that I am the sun.

I know that joy is found when you stop worrying so much.

I know that I am loved.

I know my purpose on this Earth.

I know that year 30 will be one of the best years of my life :)

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With love and light,

xo Vanessa Michele

Vanessa.Michele | Creative Wellness Entrepreneur. Yoga & Meditation Instructor. Reiki Practitioner| Welcome to my life!