29 and Resetting


If I can be completely honest, lately I’ve been obsessing over the future. Constantly making plans, my to do list is growing, and honestly I’ve been living for Friday. 

Instead of being present and accepting and appreciating the present moment for what it is, I find myself creating countdowns to my next vacation, to Friday, to the time I get off work etc. What do I need to get done later? A question that is constantly on my mind.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with planning, the lure of what’s to come cannot distract me from my now. Wherever you go there you are. I teach my students in my yoga classes constantly about accepting where you are so why am I not doing the same for myself?

Last month, as my 29th birthday was approaching I observed the cringe I felt in my body as I thought to myself, “Wow one more year and I’ll be 30.” In a moment I observed the fact that my 20s are basically over and while I’ve definitely lived, I’ve also spent much of that time planning for the future. 

Though planning is how I function I must not get so consumed with the future that I put off doing great things now. 

Like the two bottles of wine I picked up during my trip in Paris and Rome back in 2015 that I said I would save for a special occasion. Well it’s 2018 and I haven’t had an occasion “worth” popping open those bottles of wine so guess what?! I drank them both. In June. No special event. Savoring every taste and considering the fact that I’m living and breathing now a “special occasion”.

Turning 29 may seem very trivial to most. After all 30 is the true milestone right? Well in my book it’s not. I’m taking it as that gentle reminder to slow down. Live in the moment. And have much appreciation and gratefulness for my right now. But what I know for sure, it that’s all I have.

I brought in my birthday solo. In a tiny cabin where I spent 20 hours Creating. Resetting. Resting. Cultivating inspiration and momentum so that when I plunge back into the real world I’m a little bit more centered. 

So, here’s to drinking the good wine while I know I can; here’s to creating a little bit more space to breathe easy; here’s to 29:)

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