Hi Lovelies, today is my 27th birthday! It also happens to be my 1 year bloggerversary! So exciting.

A lot has happened over the past year. I picked up my life and moved to Northern VA, changed the direction of Vanessa Michele twice and have had a lot of exciting opportunities that I never would've guessed could happen to me!

27 is that age where it officially hits you that you're in your upper 20s and it's like whoa. I need to buckle down and make sure everything in my life is coming together. And truth is, it is:)

Of course there's a lot that could be better but as I sit and reflect and I'm thankful to God for where I'm at right now.

So as I'm celebrating my 27th year on this earth and my 1 year of consistent blogging, I'm excited to share with you guys my first creation that you guys can purchase!


Many know that I have a passion for natural hair, inspiration and chalkboard art so I created a "Hello CurlFriend" notecard for you to write a special note and send to your favorite curly girls!

The fro was made to resemble that of our own. There's curls out of place, it's not perfectly asymmetrical but it voluminous and full of awesomeness.

Until Wednesday 7.6.16, there will be free shipping when you use the code "VM1YR", so hurry and grab yours today! Also be on the lookout for more additions to be added to the store in the near future. 


Be Awesomely Amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele


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