2017 | Year in Review.

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2017 was pretty good to me. Though not perfect, it was filled with a lot of fun memories, meeting new people, trying new things, and stepping a bit out of my comfort zone.

The word for 2017 was consistency and I think I did a pretty good job at upholding to every aspect of the word. 

Here are a few highlights from 2017:


Cruise to the Bahamas!

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I've never been on a cruise. I wrote them off for years and always declined invites because "I'm weird about water". Something about being trapped on a boat for daysss made my palms sweaty and my heart pound.

 I over came that this year when my group of frans decided to go on a MLK weekend cruise instead of our usual ski + cabin trip. 

I had so much fun! The endless supply of food and drinks was an added bonus. ;)



Amplified love for hiking!

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I've always liked being outdoors ever since I was a little girl. Hiking was high on my list. However, my boyfriend and I took on the Billy Goat Trail of Great Falls which took my love for hiking to another level. It is absolutely gorgeous, a bit challenging, like the 50ft wall of rocks we had to climb, but most of all it's an amazing time to escape from the busy city and enjoy nature. I've been 3 or 4 times this year alone.


Started my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification

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Last December I made the decision to get become a certified yoga instructor and March I officially started the 3 month journey. Yoga is one of my biggest passions and I have been practicing since 2013. I want to share the wonderful physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of this practice so becoming official was the next step. One of the best decisions of my life!



Growth and ultimate happiness

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In the midst of my yoga teacher training which consumed my weekends (Fri 6-9 pm; Sat 12-8pm, and Sun 1230-530pm) there wasn't much time for super random activities. I grew in my relationship with my partner, tried a bunch of new restaurants, and ultimately found happiness and contentment with where I was in life. 




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Prior to May, I had never been to Texas. Luckily one of my best friends had recently moved there so we planned a dollhouse girls weekend for the extended Memorial Day weekend. It was filled with dinners, brunch, a day party and an afternoon at the pool. It was great to get together with my girls who I don't see very often because we're all in different places!



Completed YTT!

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June I felt like I had my life back! I completed Yoga Teacher Training and was official. I felt so accomplished and just needed to decompress a bit so I spent the month relaxing (didn't pull out my mat or take a single yoga class) just enjoyed my free time and the start of summer!




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I turned 28 and being a step closer to my 30's reality started to hit a bit. Though I have accomplished a lot I know there's still work to be done! I had an amazing birthday weekend at the beach with my love, and a fun 4th exploring museums and watching the fireworks from the lawn in front of the National Monument. I also started an yoga apprenticeship where I got to assist classes and gain tips as an instructor from my awesome mentor.



Left the crime lab for research.


Deciding to leave the crime lab was a tough decision. I felt like I was being pulled for months. I was overwhelmed, stressed and the occasional 14hr work days that left me in tears on my commute home just wasn't worth it. During YTT I learned the need and importance to keep myself fulfilled and making a career shift was something I needed to do and that's just what I did.

I accepted a position at a research lab where I still get to work with DNA, do some forensic work along with broadening my field coverage and dabbling in other projects. Not to mention it's 8hr days, a $16k salary increase from my last job, and less stressful! God is good.



Started teaching yoga!

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Getting my own yoga classes at Blue Nectar Yoga was a phenomenal moment for me! After working there for a year, completing YTT and a summer appreticiship every thing came full circle and I got my own TRX yoga fusion and Rookie Vinyasa Yoga classes. I was super nervous to start but my students were warm and accepting and I have really been enjoying this journey!



Halloween Yoga!

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A fun memory in October was attending a Halloween yoga flow where I got to do vinyasa in a full costume! It was also the first yoga class my Boyfriend and I got to practice together, so we teamed up as bat man/bat girl and had a blast! 



First NBA game!

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Though I consider myself more of a football fan than basketball, it was super fun to attend my first NBA game this year! I went to see the Washington Wizards vs The Atlanta Hawks. I actually got into it and had a great time!




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With it being the holiday season, this year I attended quite a few holiday parties! I'm usually such a homebody and will turn down invites but it was nice getting out this month meeting new people and having an overall great time! 

I also had an amazing time spending Christmas with my family and friends, I paid off my car whoop! and am currently enjoying a week of rest as I close out the year. I absolutely cannot wait to see what 2018 brings! :) 

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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