Accept Compliments Like A BadA** | #JustBecauseItsTuesday

Accept Compliments like a bada** A few months ago, I shared with you guys in January's book corner Shonda Rhimes' amazing inspirational book, Year of Yes. My absolute favorite non-fiction book. If you haven't read this book you need to stop everything and go grab it here!

It's an intriguing book packed with tons of lessons and things you should apply to your own life with tons of humor in the mix. One tip in particular, that I'm currently working on, is accepting compliments like a bada**.

A few weeks ago I caught myself brushing off compliments and finding excuses for them and was like wait, I'm who she was talking about in the book! She gave an account on how she had to learn how to just accept a compliment instead of turning it down and making the situation awkward.

I had no idea I did this on a regular basis!

I was at work and someone complimented my curly fro. It was day 4 hair and I felt like I was having a bad hair day. My colleague said, "OMG Vanessa I just love your hair. It's looks really good!" I responded with a confused expression and rambled on, "Wait huh?! My hair looks terrible! I kind of just want to chop it all off. I might get braids because I'm just so tired of it right now. Thanks tho." She laughed it off with an even more confused look than I had and walked away.

See what I did there. Totally canceled out the compliment smh.

I'm working on now just saying thank you. period. No, buts.

It's hard when you are your biggest critic but I'm slowly learning how to accept compliments like a bada**. I dare you do to the same!

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Vanessa Michele

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