Letter To My Little Ones | #JustBecauseItsTuesday


Dear Ming, Kobi, Kama, Kye, and Lo, My beautiful babies. No I did not birth you but have covered you in prayers like you are my own. I renamed you each not only because I'm weird, but because I want a special connection with each of you.

At 8, 6, 4, 2 and 2 I can't believe how much each of you have grown. From seeing your beautiful faces the day you were born to now having to love you at a distance as you are in New York and Hawaii. But know that even with the miles I'm watching you.

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Ming - Ming Ming. Like the Wonder Pets. It brings me tears of joys to hear the good deeds you are doing. From randomly picking up trash in the neighborhood to returning a neighbor's lost wedding ring. You're amazing and your gentle, caring, genuine spirit will take you far.

Kobi - Jakobi. Such a class clown. Always wanting to be a jokester and make people laugh. My only boy and such a wild child you are. I love how you always look out for your sisters. My heart melted at the fact that when you were at the barbershop and got a sucker that you asked for extras to bring to your sisters. Carry that with you as you all get older because they'll need a brother to look out for them.

Kama - My mini me. Such an introverted queen with a hilarious personality. At 4, I love how you are your own person and know how to stand up for yourself. You're beautiful in and out and can carry on a conversation about just about anything. You keep me laughing. Keep being you.

Kye - My sweet Aokye Granger. I had "post-partum depression" when you were born at one of the toughest times of my life but oh how much joy you bring me now. I pray for your speech daily. I see one day you becoming a great speaker and teaching the World great things! Just wait.

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Lo - My Loralei. Bright eyed beauty is immediately what I think when I look at you. Full of joy and so much personality. So smart. Who already know's some of her letters. I was so amazed that when visiting in Hawaii you were such a trooper as your mother, titi and I dragged you all over O'ahu on our many adventures. I keep up with you through photos and occasional facetimes and I'm in awe of who you are becoming.

So my little ones, I pray that you let God lead your steps and stay focused on this journey called life. You will be tempted. You will want to give up. But you have to keep being you. Dance it out. Stand in the sun. & be your own person.

Be awesomely amazing,

xo Yaya

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