How I'm Able To Make Time To Practice Yoga Daily

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 3.39.12 PM.png Yoga is one of the fitness disciplines that I have remained consistent in. I tried running but was afraid I was burning too many calories (I'm uber lean and trying to hold onto every pound!). I had a gym membership for 6 months but moved 253.5 miles away from my work out partner so that was done. Hmm what else?!

At any rate, yoga has remained my consistent. I currently practice every day! Yes, every single day without missing a beat. Now you may say, Vanessa, how on Earth can you find the time, much less afford, to do yoga everyday?

Well it's actually quite simple. For one, I am a hardcore advocate for at home practice. It's free, I can go at my own pace, and most importantly I can do it anytime I want!

I've recently adopted a 530am wakeup routine on workdays and 6am wakeup on weekends (7am on Sundays:)) I'm an old lady and I'm usually in bed by 1030p anyway, so why not get up earlier and get some stuff done for me before heading off to work.

Making this lifestyle change and committing to getting up 1hr earlier before I "need" to has been a life changer for me but I will have to touch more on that in later post.

After I complete my devotional for the day, I hop on my mat and do a 10-20 minute yoga sesh for free! Afterwards, I feel so refreshed, mind clear, and I'm ready to start my day.

As a bonus, I will do a deeper practice ~2 days out of the week in the evenings where I can work on my personal goals.

But yes, you too can fit 10min of yoga into your everyday for free too! See below for a list of awesome yoga challenges and instructors to get free classes sent to your inbox everyday! Perfect for beginners or intermediate to advanced yogis alike :)


Erin Motz - Bad Yogi [She's my all time fav!]

30 Day Yoga Challenge

7 Day Bad Yogi Challenge

10 Day Yoga Ab Challenge


The Year of Yoga [1 class with a different instructor every week of 2016, it's not too late to sign up!]

Year of Yoga


Briohny Smyth [She's an awesome instructor who knows her stuff!]

14 Day Yoga Body Challenge

Those are just a few. There are tons more on DoYouYoga.

How often do you practice yoga?

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