How to Trim Your Natural Hair At Home

"I cut my own hair most of the time. You just do it all by feel"

-Simon Baker

Hair trims are so essential to healthy hair growth and maintenance. Since I am a DIY type of girl when it comes to hair, I trim my own hair about every 6-8 week in the comfort of my own bathroom.

Now your first question may be wait how?! Well it's actually quite simple.

First you'll need some supplies.



Now, let's get started!

I use the "twist and trim" method, which consists of first twisting your hair as you normally would in even, two strand twists. You then want to visualize the point of demarcation [fancy word for a distinctive line] where you can see the thickness of your hair start to taper off to a more pointed end.


You will simply just snip this portion off, leaving  a beautiful blunt healthy end. Doing this will eliminate the damaged or split ends that could travel up the hair shaft. If you shoot for every 6-8 weeks you're only having to snip a tiny to small amount off so it's not as alarming as having to do a big chop because of damaged hair. Easy right?

You're next question may be, how do you ensure evenness of the trim? This is why it is important to do a twist out as you normally would. If you usually twist the front to fall into your face, do that. If you part down the middle and let them fall down the sides, do that instead.

Aside from the fact that you're only having to trim a little off, your hair is being directed into the way it usually falls so the trim shouldn't effect your shape so much.

Along with my routine hair trim, I also like to shape up the back of my neck as well. While it's not as vital anymore since my hair is longer, I do occasionally wear a puff or a pinned up style where my neck is showing, so I want to make sure my line is as clean as possible.

To do this I just use a pair of clippers without the blade and a hand mirror so that I can see the back of my head. I then shave downwards as  I form a straight line. I also clean up the sides a bit as well.

I've been cutting my own hair, both while I was relaxed and now that I'm natural, for a combined 6 years so I've become rather comfortable with the clippers. I know it's not perfect but it's really not that hard!

If you're struggling grab a friend or your boyfriend/hubby and I'm sure they can knock out this 2sec task in no time.


So there you have it, my simple natural hair maintenance trim routine. Trimming your hair at home doesn't have to be difficult!

I do plan to go get my first professional trim for my 27th bday in July, but until then, I'll keep up my general maintenance at home.

How do you trim your hair? Do you go get professional trims or do you do them at home? If at home, what method do you use?

xo Vanessa Michele


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