Finding Your Passion

Trust in your craft enough to admire it, study it, perfect it, breathe it. Never stop getting better at whatever it is that you love to do.

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Finding your passion doesn't have to be hard. I think we often get so consumed with the thought that we are meant to have one purpose and that's where we get mixed up.

I touched on this topic a little in my most recent Chit Chat GRWM post. I personally think that it's okay to be passionate in multiple areas and that we should figure out a way to combine them in a creative way to make them fit our purpose.

Find what feels good. It's simple.

For me, I'm a dabbler. I will typically come across a new hobby by accident. If I enjoy it, I keep it; if I find that I don't, I scrap it. I think that adding variety to your life makes it more enjoyable anyway!

Take this year. I've recently picked up on learning chalkboard art and calligraphy. Random I know. But I've been obsessed with all of the awesome pieces of work I've come across and decided to try it for myself.

The important thing for me was to remember not to give up without giving it a legit try.

When I decided to start doing yoga I could barely lift myself up to do one of those old school full wheel poses or couldn't even touch my toes. With practice in a few months I was able to do a free falling back bend and touch my head to my toes!

I know the same will come with my new obsession with a craft that requires great handwriting when I hate mine! (I really know how to pick em haha).

Anywho, I say all of this to remind you that it's okay to dabble, pick up new hobbies, and experiment. Get out and try something new. Random. Somewhere along the way you'll find your passion among things you never would've guessed!

Another step towards your purpose.

xo vanessa.michele


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