Find What Feels Good | #JBIT Week 2 Inspiration

Life isn't about finding yourself; Life is about creating yourself.

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Happy Tuesday!

I shared a GRWM Chit Chat video recently and mentioned that I'm 26 and I'm still "finding" myself. I later came across the above quote after my friend Brittany snap chatted a piece of home decor with the statement. I had an ah ha! moment and was like you know what, that is 100% true. I'm creating myself every day.

Instead of finding myself, I'm creating myself and finding what feels good. Finding what feels good is what I believe is a major key of a happy life.

For me it's being myself freely without compromise. It's practicing yoga. It's traveling. It's "me time" where I get to retreat to the comfort of my home after a long day. It's curling up to a good book with a potent glass of red wine. It's being around those I care about most where an exponential amount of laughs are exchanged. It's inspiring others. It's quiet time spent worshiping God.

Each day I'm discovering new things, new hobbies, new humans that make me feel good.

I pray that you go out today, tomorrow and each day thereafter and find what makes you feel good.

Just because it's Tuesday..

xo vanessa.michele

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