Just Because It's Tuesday

Tuesday's make me smile. I don't know why; they just always have.


I love cards. Cards and flowers are the quickest ways to make me smile. Especially if it's a surprise.

If I get a "just because" card *with a handwritten message [Don't you dare give me a blank card with just the original embossed words and your signature] I leap with joy.

One of my best friends sent me a few just because cards last year when I was at my lowest and she doesn't know how much her words meant to me.

Then one day something hit me. I love receiving all of these cards but how many have I sent in return? So selfish of me. So I have decided to make a commitment to send those close to me who are far a special note each month.

Enter "Just Because It's Tuesday".

Remember the movie "Juwana Mann"? [Fun Fact: It was filmed in Charlotte NC and I was an extra in that movie:)] Any who, Vivica A Fox's character stated that she wishes she could receive just because its Wednesday flowers.

"I want a guy who will send me flowers just because it's Wednesday."

Well Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. I don't know when it started but at some point in my 26 years  I made the decision that I love Tuesdays. Every single Tuesday I wake up and something great happens that day. So it kind of just.. stuck. So I thought why not start sending "Just Because It's Tuesday" cards.

So I apart from my friends I also hope to give you a little "just because" inspiration each and every Tuesday So be on the lookout ;). All apart of my chasing happyNESS.

xo vanessa.michele

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