Everything They Didn't Tell You About Being A Creative

Blogger. YouTuber. Influencer. Vlogger. Content Producer.

I'm a Creative. All in one. ..I can't fit in a category. I'm divergent.

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Fun fact: I posted my first youtube video summer of 2008. I was obsessed with DulceCandy87 and my best friend and I decided to share our own make up tutorials. Haha. It was a hot mess.Safe to say that video has since been deleted.

I then posted a few more since then for fun. This was before youtube allowed for content creators to monetize their original content. It wasn't until I shared a short hair tutorial that was featured that I was like whoa people actually care what I have to share! I currently have close to 600k views on that one video alone which ultimately launched my YouTube "career".

January 2014 I began monetizing my videos and have since realized that YouTube can actually be a lucrative side hustle by just sharing what I love! It then led me to launch my own blog and find other ways to share my passion with the world while making a little coin on the side.

But truth is, it's not all peaches and butterflies [I like peaches and butterflies].

Here are 5 things THEY don't tell you about being a creative.

It requires hard Work.

Truth is A LOT of hard work goes into it. [Not peaches and butterflies.] The end result of a 3 minute video consisted of an hour setting up, hours of actually filming and a good half a day of editing. And then to make a blog go with it?! whew.

Work all day [9-5]. Work all night [creative].

Also that video that got me most of my views and half of my subscribers I had a relaxed pixie cut. I now have natural hair so it's like starting over [They didn't come for the natural].

But it's ok because I love my craft and will continue working at it!

They Don't Want You To Win.


You will also find out who your real friends and supporters are. Some won't support you, read, like or comment on your posts/videos. [Likes and comments count!!]

Some will be hard on you. [Keep those around.] Last weekend I asked a friend for constructive criticism and he said without hesitation "You need to be more consistent." [Noted.] Which is why I have developed an editorial calendar and hope to stick to it. [Well, I'll try;)]

Also be prepared to share things on social media and get ZERO likes. [Don't delete it! Keep going.] I was once afraid to share something on IG out of fear no one would "like" it. Then I thought about the fact that in my bio it says "Welcome to MY photo diary." This aint THEY's so if I'm passionate about it and no one likes it, guess what...IDC. Not deleting unless I'm doing so to change up my aesthetic.


Taxes are real. And the IRS will find you so don't try to be slick. All that self employment income feels good until you realize you have to pay up.

Set a little aside during the year so it's not painful all at once or consider paying quarterly taxes on your income.

Also do your research. You can write off a portion of things like a new laptop or even you internet bill if the majority of it is purposed for your self employment.

It takes time to actually take off.

Truth is it ultimately took me 8 years to now get to close to 6k subscribers on YT. While that wasn't the original goal, nor was the monetizing, gaining followers and building a brand takes time and patience. I'm NO WHERE close to where I want to be and have a long way to go but I will work desperately everyday until I get there. [I will retire and work for myself at 32.]

Don't blow your earnings.

I know it's tempting to reward yourself and it's fine to do so in some capacity but make sure you're reinvesting in your brand. The first time I earned $100 from YT I used it to go towards a new camera to guess what, make better vids!


I'm sure all my creatives out there can agree that going after your craft can be tough but my biggest piece of advice that THEY don't want you to know is to NEVER EVER GIVE UP. Major key.

Ok bye.

xo vanessa.michele

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