DIY State String Art


As I'm in the midst of adding new home decor pieces to my home I can't help but to indulge in a little more do-it-yourself projects. I have a slight obsession with pinterest and when I came across these state art pieces I said I wasn't going to pay $60 for one, Instead i'll make my own for about $20! Although not perfect I think I did a pretty good job! Who knows maybe I can start making and selling my own haha;)

Any who, if you would like to make your own keep reading!

What you will need:

  • Slate of Wood- Michaels ~$14 for a 12 x 15.5in
  • Home Decor Chalkboard Paint - Cascade -Michaels ~$4
  • 4 packs of String - $0.39 @ Michaels
  • 16 gauge x 1-1/2 nails $0.97 @ Walmart
  • Hammer
  • Printout of your state
  1. Paint your slate of wood in the color of your choice and allow to dry completely; I dried overnight.
  2. Find an outline of your state online and print via
  3. Cut out state, position and tape to board.
  4. Hammer nails along the perimeter of the state ensuring that you have equal spacing and a nail at each point for a defined shape.
  5. Remove paper outline.
  6. Draw a heart in the location of your choice with a pencil.
  7. Hammer nails along the outside of the heart. Note: The more nails in your heart the less dense your string art will be.
  8. Now begin your string art!
  9. Start by knotting one end to one of the center heart nails. In a wrapping motion go back and forth around an outer perimeter nail and the center heart nail. Note: Each center heart nail will be the point for ~8 of the outer state perimeter nails.
  10. Continue this around the entire state until complete.

Tips, Points To Remember (&things I learned):

  • It's okay to skip nails in tough places (a crowded edge near the coast in my case).
  • You don't have to start with a fresh knot at each center heart nail. You can flow and from nail to nail freely.
  • Add superglue to the knots to secure them in place once state is complete.
  • Make sure the nails are hammered in well to avoid loosening during stringing.

Check out the tutorial below!:)

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