DIY Chalkboard


One key to making it on a budget is by donating your time and labor to the project. Do-it-yourself projects will always help you save. 

- Nate Berkus, Interior Designer

I don't know what it is but there's something about moving into a new place that makes me want to re-decorate and change up my style a bit. At the same time my frugality won't let me go and buy up IKEA so I decided to take on a few DIY projects!

First up was this framed chalkboard.

I got the wooden frame from my mother's house. The glass had broken and I knew that I could figure out something to do with it. I'm also sure you could find a frame at just about any thrift store for next to nothing!

I purchased a basic white paint from Walmart (~$1) and did 3 coats over the wooden frame and let dry overnight.

Next for the chalkboard I used these styrofoam reusable chalkboards from Michael's. I originally bought the 2 pack for ~$6 last year when I used it to make signs for my little sister's bridal shower I was hosting. I love that they're so cheap and can be reused over and over. Also since they're styrofoam you can easily cut them for a project like this.

So I just measured out the size of the frame and cut the board accordingly.

Cut and position the board in the frame and you're done! Super easy project and makes for a nice decor addition to my new apartment:)

Check out the video below and look for more DIY projects in the future!