Black Tea Rinse | Hair Care


I tried a new hair rinse last week! I've heard a lot about black tea rinses and the benefits for your hair so I decided to do a little research of my own and try it out.

Benefits of Black Tea Rinses:

-Minimize shedding

My hair sheds like crazy!

Caffeine blocks the hormone DHT that causes hair loss which makes black tea a perfect way to combat that shedding. Note: You don't want to completely eliminate hair shedding because it's a natural process of hair growth, but black tea rinses can help minimize it.

- Naturally darken hair

As many of you know I recently colored my hair dark brown after having blonde for about 1.5yrs. The new color has definitely faded and you can see much of the blonde peaking through. So instead of applying more chemicals and recoloring it I wanted to try a natural approach.

Results: Although I noticed no color change, I am curious to see how it does over time. I did note less shed when detangling my hair after washing. yay!

For the future:

I believe I will start doing this rinse every 3-4 wks and see if I notice a change. I did read that too much caffeine can be harmful to hair by stunting growth so be cautious not to over do it!

Watch the demo here!