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This week I went back to my natural hair due to fading of my color (It no longer matches my wig) :( I haven't done a flat twist out in what seems like forever so I tried it out. I cowashed my hair and applied leave in. I then tried a new product this week to help with moisture retention.

Dove Advanced Hair Series Quench Absolute Creme Serum for curly, course hair

  1. Quenches hair dryness
  2. strengthens the hair shaft
  3. improves hair manageability
  4. smoothes the hair's fiber durface
  5. seals hair cuticles to lock in nutrients

I've used the serum a couple of time so far and actually really like it! Passing it in the store I probably wouldn't think to pick it up but after having used it I am definitely including it into my natural hair care regimen.

Due to coloring my hair and the fact that it is also high porosity I deal with a lot of drying and frizz which I'm always trying to combat. Including this with my other staples helped out my hair this week!

So let's get to styling!

As always the stylers I used was the Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Gel and the Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection. My hair loves this combo.

The twisting pattern I did was just twists down towards my face and neck stemming from a straight part at the top of my hair.

I don't focus too much on getting the parts perfect because you're going to have to blend them later anyway!

Watch The Tutorial HERE!

Note: I have done this style again since the filming of this video. I've learned that if I really rewet and saturate every section with water prior to twisting I get better definition and less frizz.

~vanessa michele

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