September Book Corner


So for a fun fact. I dream of the day that I build my own home equipped with a library that will be my quiet room. Just a place to escape the realities of the world and drift away in some books! But until then I'll continue pulling from my small but growing bookcase. Last month I finished 2 great reads by African American Authors. Note: photos are direct links

Between The World And Me

"This is your country, this is your world, this is your body, and you must find some way to live within the all of it"

Between The World And Me was a powerful read. Written as a letter to his teenage son, Coates discusses his life growing up and the parallels to what his son is witnessing with the police brutality against people of color across this nation. He talks of dreamers. The Mecca at Howard University. The events revolving around the murder of friend and classmate Prince Jones that's similar to the Mike Brown story. He also shares an interview he had with Jones' mother. He talks about visiting Paris and how he didn't have to feel defensive because of the color of his skin but also knew that he couldn't hide out forever. The list goes on.

Toni Morrison says Between The World And Me is required reading and I definitely agree. The only thing I didn't like about the book was it's abrupt ending. I flipped the pages looking for more and expected a "sincerely Dad." but then I realized maybe because it's open ended and although it is being depicted as a letter to his son it is also a form of education to the people of this world so maybe we can tack on our stories to the end?

I definitely give this book 5 bookmarks! Purchase it and support this amazing African American author.

The Last Defense

"It's what an old law professor of mine called the Last Defense. When nothing else works, you shake the jury's belief in your client's guilt by throwing them a surprise suspect who looks just as guilty"

While browsing through my older sister's book collection I stumbled upon The Last Defense. Flipping through the pages noticing one of the character's name was Vanessa I randomly decided to take it home haha.

Christopher Darden was actually the key prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial. He teamed up with Dick Lochte to put out this novel that takes you within the criminal justice system. It's about a young black lawyer who acquits a drug dealer who later turns up murdered. Ironically he ends up being blackmailed to defend the white detective that he had painted to be a racist in the earlier trial. With lots of twist and turns, this suspenseful read definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more.

As a lover of crime thrillers it was interesting to read this novel that focuses around the courtroom. Something different than my usual but was a good read! I give this book 4 bookmarks!

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