Back to Black | Hair Coloring


"You go back to her and I'll go back to black." - Amy Whinehouse

So I did it. I went black. Ok not really, it's actually "espresso" but the color is dark enough to pass for black in a dim room Haha

Ever since the start of my natural hair journey I have always had that splash of light golden blonde hues by way of Dark & Lovely. Loved the added touch and spunk it provided but let's face it, it's been since March 21, 2014 and I haven't had a change!

So I went "Back to Black."

A few additional reason why..

  • I want to rock this fab wig I made but there was no matching my blonde to any color (It wasn't a basic 27)
  • Lighter colors tend to "highlight" frizz. My hair gets very frizzy as I've mentioned in previous posts (and I'm sure you can see)
  • My natural color (sides and back) was just looking a little dull and needed a little umph!
  • I'm in a transition point in my life and needed a CHANGE!

So the process:

To be honest, finding a dark color is tough. I colored my hair "natural black" before and it came out the bluest of blue blacks. Fail!

So with a plan in mind I kinda selected this color by chance and it worked! I used the Dark and Lovely Iced Espresso color which is apart of their new iced coffee collection.

Although it was a total shock see myself with darker hair, I feel that it came out how I anticipated. Dark enough but when the light hits it you can see the 50 shades of brown in the mix.

I did have pretty good coverage of my blonde and as you can see in the video below it turned pretty quickly. [Note: After washing an additional time since coloring I did see some of my blonde showing through under the light. It is permanent dye and "fade resist" so we'll see if it continues to hold up.] [youtube] Thoughts on at home hair coloring

I've been coloring my own hair (with box dye) since 2008. I've never had any issues. Box dye makes it really convenient to experiment and even if you have a color you hate (the blue black) you live and you learn.

As I have been rocking a lighter shade for over a year I feel like I have identified my Pros & Cons of light color treated hair.

Pros of Light Colored Hair

  • Adds Variety
  • More fun
  • Looked great with my skin complexion
  • Didn't bleach so didn't experience damage

Cons of Light Colored Hair

  • More maintenance
  • Shows frizz 
  • Drier hair
  • Hard to match with weaves and extensions

Will I lighten my hair again?

Definitely! I get bored easily so I'm sure they blonde will make it's appearance again:)

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