25 Things That Make Me Happy


Oh just a list of 25 random things that make me Happy:) (2 through 25 are in no particular order)

  1. Jesus
  2. The sound of an airplane passing by at 2pm
  3. Real candid photos
  4. farmer's market in the summer
  5. an empty gym
  6. the album leaf’s twentytwofourteen randomly playing on my pandora station
  7. really good food IMG_3848
  8. actually watching the previews at the movie theatre
  9. seeing a stranger smile
  10. the descent after a really good run
  11. having a twist out turn out perfect
  12. being alone (introvert problems)
  13. seeing older couple hold hands in public
  14. praying for someone without their knowledge
  15. sunflowers in the summer
  16. a really good merlot
  17. thunderstorms on a sunday evening
  18. diving into a good book
  19. hiking a mountain in the fall
  20. visiting a new country
  21. painting my nails
  22. learning a new yoga pose or sequence
  23. the smell of used books
  24. kisses in threes
  25. photos that were snapped a few seconds too late

What are some random things that make you happy? Write your own and tag this post:)




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