How I Spend Time With God


As a Christian I find it extremely important to have a relationship with God. IMG_3841 If I can be transparent, it wasn't until one October night of 2013 that my whole relationship with him transformed.

At this point in my life, I was stripped of all confidence and feeling like a failure because of unfortunate events. I feel like He had to literally get me in a place where I had no choice but to run to him!

I had started journaling by writing him letters that month and in a night of feeling down I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that a friend had like liked a post on. It said "I Don't Know What I Believe."

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 6.00.00 PM

This intrigued me so I clicked it and saw that it was a sermon series Pastor Steven of Elevation Church was doing. Now I had heard of Elevation because I used to date a guy who lived in Charlotte and I remember passing their University campus so many Sundays on my drive back home.

Long story short I ended up staying up until about 3am watching sermon after sermon and it literally had me in tears because I felt like it was really speaking to my soul.

Ever since then my whole relationship with God has been transformed. Although I have fallen many times since then I am renewed through him and now make it an obligation to spend time with him daily.

Here are a few of my daily activities I make mandatory.

1. Morning Devo

IMG_3843Aside from waking up and giving Him thanks, I believe it is very important to begin your day with a good devotional. I currently do the Jesus Calling by Sarah Young and love it.

I'm very active in reading so I love to highlight and underline in colors! You should see my bible haha.

I start by reading the message and highlight key points that speak to me or I believe is the "meat" of the devo and underline any secondary points. I then read the verses they have listed and will write down key points from the verse in the book (I will highlight and write in my bible as well). Lastly I will write take away points from the devo and affirmations at the bottom of the page.

I feel that being active in my devotionals helps the word soak in a little better.

2. Talk to Him

When I say me and God have full conversations. Whew! I talk and vent to him while I'm doing my hair, while I'm doing the dishes or even while I'm driving in the car. Some of my best encounters are during these impromptu times. If something is really bothering me, I will cut off any distractions and talk to him like I was talking to a friend. Get it out! Trust me, it works!IMG_3840

3. Listen to Worship Music

This is a given but whenever you want to feel His spirit the easiest thing to do is worship. It's perfect for setting the atmosphere. I recently found Jonathan Traylor on instagram through Heather Lindsey. I fell in love with his voice and the fact that you can feel his love for God through his gift. I youtube'd him and came across one of his worship sessions at PC4M's Rhetoric 2013. Ahmayzing. I have been worshipping to this 30min sesh during my quiet time for the past couple of weeks. Sangin my heart out! Ugly faces and all haha!

Some of my other favs include Elevation Worship, Hillsong United, and Kari Jobe.

4. Write to HimIMG_3870

As I mentioned in my Journal Your Way to Success blog, writing letters to God is ultimately one of my favorite ways to spend time with him. I like to turn on the Album Leaf pandora station (it's very chill and relaxing), and just write whatever is on my mind.

I feel like it allows me to really hone in on my quiet time with him without distractions. I love to look back and see where He's brought me from and what I've learned.

Although I am no where near perfect as I stand today, I have made positive efforts to strengthen my relationship with God. These are just a few ways I like to spend time with Him.

How do you spend time with God? I'd love to hear!:)

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