August Book Corner


I remember when I used to always start a book by reading the last sentence. One of those idiosyncrasies that I've only recently let go of. It was something about being in control and maybe knowing how it would end. As I've started reading more fiction I've had to force myself to stop doing this in order to not spoil the ending of a good book! In July, I wanted to read for pleasure so I selected two books from my stack. Let's get to it!

Eat. Pray. Love.

"Attraversiamo. Let's cross over."

I'm sure you have heard of the movie Eat Pray Love. Well it was a book first. I've never seen the movie but heard so many good things about the book so I decided to dive into this oldie this month. This true store of a woman taking a year to visit 3 places around the world (4 months in each place) to sort of piece her life back together after an unfortunate event was beautiful. Ultimately, she ate in Italy. Prayed in India. And found love in Bali. She shared the good and the bad making this read very inspirational. I now want to take a year to travel solo and get to know myself better. My year of travel however would consist of about 12-20 locations! This was such a great read that I don't want to see the movie because I'm afraid it might ruin it haha. I give this book 4 bookmarks!

32 Candles

"But now I could see him clearly. and I knew what he needed. He needed for me to let him go. And so I did."

I've heard great things about 32 Candles as well so I decided to give it a try. A story of a African American girl who was an "ugly duckling" growing up transforms her life by moving across the country and starting over when her past catches up with her. This was such a great book with lots of twists and turns. Definitely a fun read and hard to put down. It was so good that I was recommending it to one of my best friends before I even finished haha. This one heads to the top of my list and I definitely give this book 5 bookmarks!

Until September...


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