Journal Your Way To Success


"Goals in writing are dreams with deadlines." -Brian Tracy

So confession I have an obsession with notebooks! Ahh. You can often find me in stores like TJ Maxx in their stationary sections because they have THE BEST notebooks with all sorts of inspiration. I have tons of notebooks around my house or in my purse that all serve different purposes. I'll put them under one umbrella, journaling!

I love to journal by setting daily goals/intentions for myself, making to do lists, keeping track of my finances and spending my QT time with God through letter writing. Here are a few of my most used journals and the reason they are staples in my life.


First is the Learn More to Earn More MyTaughtYou Journal by Myleik Teele. She is my virtual mentor (even though she doesn't know it haha). If you haven't checked out her podcast please do! She offers so many tips and advice for me a successful being in life. period.

Ok so in this journal she gives about 10 pages of information on her journaling system and how it works. I've tweaked it a tad to make it work best for my own life. So I start by making my top 10 goals for the year. Personal. Professional. Financial. I revisit these goals and "take inventory" in June (6mos), my birthday (personal new year) and the end of the year. I jot down where I'm at in achieving it and what do I need to change to make improvements, add new goals that I've developed if needed etc. What I've learned most about setting goals is that you have write them down and you have to revisit them! Keep yourself accountable on making these things a reality.

Onto the daily journaling. When you open up each day you'll have two blank pages. On the right side I'll write my to-do list for the day. Once completed I'll mark it off by highlighting it pink. If I did something towards the task but didn't complete it I highlight it yellow and it goes to the top of the list for the following day. On the left side of the note book I have a section for Gratitude at the top where each day I'll write what I'm most thankful for that day. I also make a section for my daily intention/goal for the day. What do I hope to really accomplish that day? What will I be most intentional about? etc. (26.) This page is also used to jot down quotes that I've seen or heard that day. I loveee quotes. And I love being able to flip back and get a little inspiration when I need it!

This journaling method has really helped me stay on track of what I need to get done during the day and I have accomplished a lot since using it!

025Next is my prayer journal. I go through these so quickly! Ever since Fall of 2013 when looking for a conducive way to spend time with God I have made habit of writing him letters. I pray A LOT! Like have full blown conversations as I get ready in the morning as well as through out the day but I wanted to become a little more intimate aside from getting into my devo and word. So after reading Heather Lindsey's journal challenge I started writing him letters. Just about every day. I'm not perfect so I've skipped some days smh but we've talked and made up for it. It's nothing formal. Just a letter starting with Dear God.. while listening to Elevation Worship, the Album Leaf or Kari Jobe. I pour out my my heart to him. What ever is on my mind or I'm dealing with. If I really need to pray about or for someone or a situation it goes down on the page.

These letters have had such a positive effect on me. At the beginning of this year I looked back and read some entries from a journal a few years ago. Pages tear stained where I was praying for him to work out a situation and help me see the good. I now realize that there's no way I would be where I am now if I didn't go through it. Won't He do it! I dare you to start writing God letters every day. I promise it will change your life!


Lastly is my financial journal. This one is pretty straight forward. I know I'm old fashion because I like to write down stuff instead of doing it electronically but it works for me! In here, each month I set financial goals and list my monthly bills (amount owed, due date, mark it off when paid etc). I like to keep track of everything and it's easy to see my numbers all in one place. I also like to travel so I have to keep track of how much I need to save towards it. In 2015 I took pretty big trip to Paris and Rome. I knew it was going to be expensive so I had to figure out a way to make it work as I have other travel plans for the year (family beach get-a-way; Hawaii in Sept; New York in Nov etc). By writing it down it makes it easier to keep everything organized and make sure the goal is met. My little notebook will by my way of keeping myself accountable :)

Do you journal? What are some of the things you keep track of?

~Vanessa Michele

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