I Am Not My Hair


"Sending love to all the girls out there trying to love themselves in a world that's constantly telling them not to." -unknown

I am not my hair. Or maybe I am. Does your hair really define who you are as a person? I think they call this, um, venting...

I was sitting here having a full conversation with Jesus in my prayer journal about this but some things also need to be said out loud. Well, you know what I mean haha.

I was at lunch with a family member today when they questioned a correlation of my success career wise with my hair. Ohhh child. When I decided to go natural I had no idea that it would bring up this much opposition. Like my family straight up hates it. I just don't get why they are pressuring me so bad to get my hair straightened.

Most don't know but I'm a scientist and EVERY lab I've worked in I've been the only African American. Not just female but person. When I decided to go natural I took out my sew in and was super nervous about showing up the next day with a curly twa (teeny weeny afro). What would they say? Would they like it? Would they understand? They being everyone who doesn't look like me and most likely doesn't understand black hair.

The next morning, in anticipation of the many shocking responses, I boldly and confidently walked into the lab. Everyone loved my hair. I mean LOVED it. Including my boss. I got more support from my coworkers than my own family who looks like me. It's ridiculous.

I ran the situation by my best friend and in a nut shell her response was "...don't even receive the negativity. Force out positive vibes and change the subject." She's awesome. God gave me my hair and part of my decision to go natural was as a way to fully embrace who I am and the way He made me. I love me. I love my hair. It only gets bigger from here:)

I am not my hair. In a sense of it does not decide where my career goes. It's not that serious. I'm already successful and have accomplished a lot and there's no turning back. If anything, it has given me more confidence. I AM a scientist who will make a difference in this world and love myself the entire way. Or maybe I am. In a sense that my hair is apart of me. It's a way of loving myself and who I am out loud. It's not perfect, neither am I. Most of the time it's frizzy and with strands out of place, so is life. It doesn't define me but if you want me? Take my hair too.

Jesus, I thank you. For allowing me to see myself the way you see me..