The L.O.C. Method


If you're not incorporating the L.O.C. Method into your natural hair routine, you should start! If you don't know what it is I hope that you find this informative! Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 2.18.20 PM

This method is extremely important for retaining moisture in our tresses. But first lets rewind and a cover a few things before we get into it. One of the biggest misconceptions is that oils are responsible for "moisturizing" our hair. This is incorrect. If you google moisture it is defined as "water or other liquid diffused in a small quantity as vapor, within a solid, or condensed on a surface." WATER! This is the most important factor. Both in consumption and with applying topically to our hair. The products and oils we use are responsible for sealing in that moisture. This is also why it's important to use water based products in your natural hair regimen.

Ok so back to the method. I find that this method is perfect for implementing on freshly washed or cowashed hair. First, add a water based leave in conditioner. This can be either liquid or cream but I tend to prefer the creamy ones because I feel that they penetrate my strands better. Note: If working with dry hair it's best to use a liquid leave in. Here are a few of my favorite leave ins.


Next you will need an oil to coat the hair, seal in that moisture and add shine. There are so many natural oils out there that each serve specific purposes which I'll cover on another day but here a few my favorite picks.


And finally apply your styling cream. This can be replaced with a gel or styling custard depending on the style you wish to achieve. Here are my top creams.   

And that's it! This simple regimen followed in these steps is a sure way to lock that moisture into your hair. The key is experimenting and finding which products work best for your hair type.