I've found that growing up means being honest. About what I want. What I need. What I feel. Who I am. - Epiphany

Today, July 3rd, marks my personal New Year. I am 26! During my quiet time with God last night I was doing some personal reflections or as my virtual mentor Myleik Teele would say "taking inventory." I've come to a few realizations. Top being I am happy! Like REALLY happy. A week ago today something re-occured that would probably send a normal person into a bout of depression but I'm okay. Like I literally gave myself 10min to cry and shook it off and decided to be happy. When I say God's favor is over my life whew. He strengthens me even through tough situations and I know that He is still faithful!

Any who I kept hearing him speak into my heart "Be Intentional" over and over.

Intentional: Adj. done in a way that is planned; done on purpose; deliberate.

I'm guilty of putting things off to the next day or week because I'll "have time" then but why not make more effort to do those things now. Life is too short. I've been wanting to blog but haven't put serious effort into it so I must be intentional about that. I also have a youtube channel Vanessa Michele which I'm working on putting more effort in but I know I can do better! I really enjoy photography but haven't put in the work like I should be. Just little things like that. I also must be intentional about what I want, feel, need and most importantly who I am. I don't know what is in store for the future but what I do know is that I have NOW! I must be intentional about now! 

So I challenge you to do this with me and each day have an intention. Whether that be get a specific task done, spend time with God, love yourself etc. Just be intentional about life!